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Steganos Safe

Developer Steganos Software GmbH

Steganos Safe is a s a digital vault that enables users to protect and hide their files. The clearly structured user ...


Developer 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd

EncryptOnClick is a security program developed by 2rightSparks. The application offers an excellent solution to protect ...

Simple File Shredder

Developer scar5 Software

Simple File Shredder is a tool that securely removes your files and private data from your computer so that the data can no longer be restored ...

GiliSoft Private Disk

Developer Gilisoft International LLC.

GiliSoft Private Disk protects information with the strongest encryption algorithm known today – AES 256-bit. ...

Dekart Private Disk Light

Developer Dekart

Free fast AES 128-bit disk encryption program. Private Disk Light allows you to create a secure space for all your work ...

Steganos Safe One

Developer Steganos GmbH

Steganos Safe One is a powerful yet easy to use encryption tool for you private data that allows you to ...

Private Room

Developer Thinker Software

own private data-space, protect folder or files password easily,open on any pc. Let you own a private data-space. you can open it on any ...

Steganos Safe Home 2007

Developer Steganos GmbH

Steganos Safe is a powerful yet easy to use encryption tool for you private data that allows you to create any number of Data Safes on your PC ...

Steganos Safe 2008

Developer Steganos GmbH

Steganos Safe 2008 is a good way of encrypting private data. With the help of this software, the user can create as many as data as per ...

Private Data Safe

Developer soft Xpansion

A tool that protects data and adds more security that some Microsoft’s platforms don’t offer. It has different customizable features that ...

Da Vinci Encryption System

Developer Open S.r.l

Da Vinci was designed with emphasis on cost-effectiveness and ease of use while employing the strong and ...

Identity Knight

Developer FSPro Labs

Holes in Internet Explorer software allow 3rd party programs to access your private data. Your credit card numbers, SSN ...



FileFilter - hide your private data! Hide and Protect files and folders. Make your secret information ...


Developer Janusec

Janus File Strongbox, is a file encryption software and data leakage prevention software that offers ...

Private Workplace

Developer 1206 Lab

Private Workplace is a virtual system, it runs on the isolated space, can prevent the user without permission ...